Why bodhi?

Bankim Chandra in Dharma-tattwa raised a million dollar question "what we are to do with life; what is to be done?" (Jibon loia ki koribo; ki korite hoy?) This was probably the question which haunted a considerable section of our faculty members. In an untiring pursuit to solve this question, we came to realise that eternal quest for knowledge along with healthy exchange of opinion could be an effective starting point in our journey to the centre of this question. By exerting our freedom of expression and also by articulating our opinion, we may at least make our life more meaningful. This venture requires a platform for clarity of thought. Thus came the idea of bodhi, a journal to be published exclusively by Vivekananda College. Not only the members of our faculty, any free thinker from any part of the globe is at liberty to contribute and express his/her valued opinion. We welcome articles from the experts of different subjects. We firmly believe that active participation of erudite persons shall en able the journal to rise to the pinnacle of glory in near future.

It is the well considered opinion of the faculty members that the journal would be published in three parts-bodhi artham, bodhi vijanan and bodhi kala. The first one will deal with issues relating to economics, finance and management; the second one shall comprise discussion on science and technology and the third one will include articles on humanities and social sciences. But we are entirely opposed to the idea of rigid compartmentalization. A discourse on the history of science may be published in bodhi kala, or for example, a critique of colonial economy shall be well accepted in bodhi artham. Our resources are limited, but our vision is broad and our spirit is indomitable. Publishing bodhi is an humble effort on our to build a knowledge based society.