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Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy was incepted in the college in 1950 and the honours was introduced in 1978. The Department tries to emphasise the practical and pragmatic aspect of human life vis-à-vis-abstruse nature of philosophy. The teachers initiate among the students respect for others and keep their dignity high in all circumstances. To inculcate high values we have introduced lecture service "on Human values' with four topics." Maitri, Karuna, Upeksa and Dudita' taking clue from Buddho's teaching. We organize tours in order to acquaint them with high cultural heritage of the country. Our motto is to bring out good human beings.

Faculty and their research interest:

Smt. Aditi Das, M.A, M.Phil.

Associate Professor and Head
Ph. No : 2404-0582
E-mail :
Research  Interest :
Indian Philosophy social and political Philosophy.

Dr. Madhu Kapoor, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, Nyaya-Tirtha
Associate Professor
Ph. No : 2435-4290, 9433 748599
E-mail :
Research Interest :
Indian Philosophy Western Philosophy.

Brajagopal Roy, M.A, B.Ed, Ph.D.
Lecturer (Part Time)
Ph. No : 9432067007 / 9432158766
Research Interest :
Indian epistemology

Smt. Prativa Pan, M.A,
Lecturer (Part Time)

Smt. Sangeeta Chattopadhyay, M.A, M.Phil
Lecturer (Part Time)
Research Interest :
Existence and Negation



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