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Department of History

The Department of history has been performing commendably since the inception of the College in 1950. From the very beginning both Honours and general courses are being taught. The Department had been enriched in the past by the contributions made by the eminent teachers. The Department had produced some illustrious alumni who left indelible impression in several spheres of the society.

Apart from teaching, they are involved in research activities of varied interest. A very brief profile of the faculty members is given below.

Faculty and their research interest:

Smt. Aparajita Bhattacharyya, M.A., M.Phil.
Assistant Professor
Ph. No. 09831929952
Research interest and Publication
“The Chuar Rebellion of 1799 : An Ecological Approach” in C. Palit et. Al. Indian Vistas of Environment.
Environmental History - Tribal history.

Dr. Siddhartha Guha Ray, M.A.,Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ph. No. 09239006372
Research interest and Publication:
Dr. Guha Ray has authored a number of books and among them important are:
i) A History of Modern India,
ii) Human Right, Democratic Right and popular Protest.
iii) Calcutta Tramway men : Astudy in working class History.

Smt. Shampa Chawdhury. M.A., M.Phil.
Assistant Professor
Ph. No. 09231590617
Research interest
Women Studies.

Smt. Shyamali Sarkar, M.A., M.Phil.
Assistant Professor and Head
Ph. No.09433312147
Research interest and Publication
Tribal History
Women’s Studies.


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